We need to improve outcomes for children in care

  • The number of children placed in unregulated accommodation (accommodation not registered or inspected by Ofsted) has been growing as well, increasing alarmingly from 2280 in 2018 to 3870 in 2020.
  • Children missing from children’s homes and unregulated accommodation make up the biggest group of children who go missing from care — 56% in 2020.
  • The risk of exploitation is high for these children — 70 % of police forces told us they are concerned about it, yet the level of support is insufficient.

What changes do we want to see?

We believe it is important to address the underlying issues in the systems failing children.

  1. We need to ensure that care placements, including placements in children’s homes, are available where children need them and where their needs can be met in child centred and trauma informed way to ensure stability, relationship building and focus on long-term positive outcomes for children. The Department for Education should develop an Emergency Action Plan to address the issue of the lack of placements for children in care. This must be backed by funding.
  2. All accommodation for children in care must be good quality. All currently unregulated accommodation should become registered and regulated by Ofsted, adhering to high standards needed for children.



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