This report must be a turning point

In response to the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse Report, Mark Russell, Chief Executive of The Children’s Society:

‘Behind the appalling institutional and professional failings laid bare in this report are heartbreaking stories of thousands of children whose lives were scarred by horrendous abuse.’

‘Despite high-profile court cases and efforts to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation and abuse, many children are still let down by those who should protect them — dismissed as troublemakers, disbelieved, or seen as complicit in their abuse.’

‘Even when abuse is identified, there is a postcode lottery in support, and too many predators escape justice, leaving them free to target more children.’

‘We welcome the report’s recommendations, and it’s vital they are backed up with significant national leadership, including a cabinet minister for children, as well as investment in child protection and support services, and better training for professionals.’

‘Organisations and people working with children must be held more accountable and develop a laser like focus on preventing abuse, identifying victims and providing support. Without these changes, thousands more children will be at risk of trauma and abuse.’

Read the full report.



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