Our response to the DHSC Major Conditions Strategy

The government has published its strategic framework for the Major Conditions Strategy. We are pleased to see an emphasis on prevention and early intervention for young people’s mental health, as well as recognition of the impact of being a young carer.

A young person with black short hair is standing in a kitchen with an elderly person with grey hair. The young person is wearing an apron, and helping serve fruit into bowls.

We urge the government to ensure the mental health and wellbeing needs of children and young people, especially adolescents, are equally considered alongside that of adults in the upcoming strategy. The government must not lose sight of the urgency at which action is needed to stop children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing from further declining.

We look forward to seeing the detail on how the government will act to improve the wider determinants of mental health, including child poverty, especially for minoritised groups.